Your Antiques Auction Catalog, Re-Invented

Stand Out From the Auction Crowd

Where do we start? Let's begin with you getting a custom web address under the banner of Antiques.By/Your-Company-Name. You can reserve an easy-to-remember web address that takes advantage of the Antiques.By/ play on words.

  • A web address that is relevant to your antiques business
  • A short web address that is easy to remember and easy to share
  • We reserve variations of your choice address when using multiple words at no additional costs. Check availability today to understand the variations we reserve around your brand
  • Cost-effective hosting for $5/month for your interactive publication - no contract obligations, no penalties. Pay hosting for as long as you need

PDF to Microsite

Add to this the ability to transform a static PDF auction catalog into an interactive publication. And when we use buzzwords such as 'interactive publication', we mean a fully functional microsite where you can flip pages like a paper-based catalog, complete with several interactive features:

  • Works on any device including experiencing the page flipping effect on mobile phones and tablets
  • Table of contents and fully searchable text (as long as the original PDF is constructed with text and not image scans)
  • Realistic user experience with actual page flip sounds
  • Easy-to-navigate and easy-to-print
  • Smart zoom, both on desktop and mobile
  • Vector text ensures that text always remains crisp and clear with or without zoom
  • Users can bookmark and share every page of their microsite on a variety of social networks with just one mouse click: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+. Or, just share it via email.
  • Live, clickable links back to your website, as long as your PDF catalog is built in such manner
  • SEO friendly - where all pages of your microsite are indexed by search engines
  • and much more. Discover for yourself by viewing our demo demo auction catalog

Visibility & Awareness

Why stop now, when we can provide you with even more value: