Your Antiques Auction Catalog, Re-Invented

View a Demo for: Antiques.By/WorldClassAntiques

View our 2-step demonstration and experience the feel of a "real auction catalog" on the desktop computer, tablet or smartphone:

1. First, click this link to view the original catalog in PDF format.

2. Second, click this link or the screenshot below to view the converted microsite for the World Class Antiques auction catalog.

World Class Antiques Auction - Spring 2017

While trying the above demo keep in mind the following:

  • We provide a relevant, branded, and easy-to-remember web address:
  • Works on any device including experiencing the page flipping effect on mobile phones and tablets
  • Implements an interactive table of contents and fully searchable text (as long as the original PDF is constructed with text and not image scans)
  • Presents a realistic user experience with actual page flip sounds
  • It is easy-to-navigate and easy-to-print
  • Uses smart zoom, both on desktop and mobile
  • Vector text ensures that text always remains crisp and clear with or without zoom
  • Users can bookmark and share every page
  • The interactive microsite maintains the hyperlinks build in the PDF catalog
  • The pdf-to-microsite conversion is SEO friendly - all pages of the microsite are indexable by search engines
  • The final microsite delivers even more features that are not listed here - click the above demo to experience it!

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